About Us

For more than 60 years, Progress Wire Products has provided quality fabricated steel wire products, with on time deliveries, at competitive prices. In 2007, Progress Wire was bought by Tahoma. Through the years, though, all of the owners have been connected by people.

Mike Folberth, an MIT graduate, founded the company in 1953. Progress Wire started by serving the Cleveland area with specialty fabricated wire products. Mike actually designed and built several pieces of equipment to manufacture these products. A wire mesh processing machine, several semi-automatic wire forming machines, and a spiral making machine for fan guards are still operational today.

Tom Harman, who worked for Mike, bought Progress Wire in 1982 when Mike retired. Tom’s sales and marketing expertise expanded the customer base to the rest of Ohio and several surrounding states. He brought in new customers in the HVAC and retail business. Tom also invested in state of the art wire processing equipment so Progress Wire could remain a leader in the market place. Upon Tom’s passing in 2000 his son Mac lead the company. Mac further developed the internet marketing strategies to develop new customers in new markets though out North America focusing on custom wire products. Dave Agard, the plant manager at the time, developed the first website which was published in 2000. The website started to attract internet customers looking for steel wire fabrications - custom made to their specifications.

Dave Agard is now the GM and partner in Tahoma. With the support of Tahoma, Progress Wire purchased the fan guard business from Horton. This acquisition provided the equipment and sales to be a leader in the wire fan guard market.

Because of this continuity of people, every generation of ownership has kept Progress Wire a leader in the fabricated wire market. We invite you to explore the other Tahoma companies as they may help you with your high tolerance machining and molded plastic and rubber needs. Click to learn more about our Capabilities. Please contact Progress Wire Products to quote your custom job today!